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We started Job Search International at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic after clients in our CV business started asking for help with their international Job Search.  With the rapid decline in jobs locally, South Africans have started to look outside of the country's borders for roles that offer greater security and career satisfaction. International companies, especially in countries with fast-growing economies, have now started to recruit highly skilled South Africans. 

The South African employee has the unique attributes of being hard-working and technically skilled, whilst exhibiting strong generalist tendencies. For this reason, our workforce finds itself highly sought after by international companies. 

Based in Stellenbosch South Africa, we have grown to a team of eight staff members managing over 100 clients on our International Job Search Program.  We help place more than 10 clients a month, across a variety of international destinations. 

Our Job Search Program entails a highly dynamic process that includes applications, direct approaches, networking, AI and various other methodologies. The international job market is complex and very competitive, and for this reason, we focus on a high-volume dynamic approach to ensure that we cover as much ground as possible. 


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DataVoice House, 16 Elektron
Avenue, Techno Park

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