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If you have technical experience in Mechanical / Electrical / PLC / Automation/Software Programming or any other associated technical skills and would like to join a top team in the Netherlands - then look no further...

Join now and email us your CV:

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Why work in the Netherlands?

– Work for some of the most valuable tech companies in the world.

– Infrastructure that works; it’s a safe country with good schools, hospitals & health insurance for your family.
– Multicultural environment with Engineers from all over the world.
– High level of Engineering.
– Employers that are willing to invest in you.
– Job security (unemployment rate below 2%).
– Tax benefit ruling for foreign engineers that move to the Netherlands (foreign engineers get a discount on paying tax for the first 5 years).
– Most and biggest festivals in the world.
– Best cycling infrastructure in the world.
– Being able to travel around Europe.


With a small population, the Netherlands have a massive skills shortage and its unemployment rate is below 2%. The Netherlands occupies a top position worldwide in key technologies such as micro/nano-electronics, nanotechnology, photonics, semiconductors, electronic components, and systems. With knowledge and expertise that play an important role in the software development and implementation of new control programs within high-quality production processes, contributing to sustainable and technological progress.

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Would you be interested in working in the Netherlands?  We currently recruit for South Africans for the various top Engineering Recruitment Businesses in the Netherlands  


Our recruitment partners currently have over 5 vacancies the clients they represent are extremely diverse. Some of their clients include; ASML, VDL, Philip and Fokker to name a few.

We work directly with their engineering placement teams who are based across the major cities in The Netherlands. 

Due to a large number of roles, our recruitment partners will match your CV for their client's job specifications.    

The Process

Once you have submitted your CV, your details will be sent to a consultant I work with and she will make contact with you for a discussion. The consultant will match your skills to their client's job specs and discuss details with you during the meeting, there is no need to prepare for the meeting and everything happens over Zoom.  Your CV will then be shortlisted and you will be invited for an interview with their client, these meetings are with the actual technical managers at the businesses and there is seldom more than two interviews. The process is very streamlined.


All VISA’s are managed, paid for and applied for by the recruiters.  They have an in-house relocation and VISA specialist that manages the entire process. The VISA’s are all managed under the Dutch High Skills Visa. There are no hidden costs, as Job Search International handles the fee and not you. With regards to moving to the Netherlands, the recruiters will provide assistance and pay for the VISA.  The recruiters also arrange for all Spousal VISA’s.



All support is provided via a dedicated relocation unit based with each recruiter at the head office. 


All partners and spouses are relocated with their families with the recruiter managing the application process. 


All the companies that our recruiters place with accept South African English-speaking candidates. 

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