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WELCOME to our 
International Job Search Program

Are you in the market for a career change and would like to extend your job search to include global roles?  

Creating a Job Search Plan

Your career ambitions are unique and often misunderstood by recruiters especially when moving into the international job market. Our consultation process is designed to uncover your specific requirements with regards to your career move and to match your skills and experience to international job opportunities. With the experience we have gained across all industry sectors, job functions and levels, we are able to interpret your specifications and create a bespoke job search plan and CV that will be the centre of your Job Search Program. This Job Search plan forms the basis for the creation of a highly proactive engagement strategy. 

International CV, LinkedIn & Cover Letter

Your CV, Linkedin profile, and all other associated documentation are what we like to call "brand material".We use this material to position you in the market with the goal of uncovering the perfect role. However, this “brand material pack” will need to be aligned with the country of your choice. After an exhaustive consultation process, we guide our writing team to create a brand material pack that includes; various CV and cover letter options, a keyword-integrated LinkedIn profile, and introductory emailers.  This pack is unique to your country of choice and is adapted by myself for each specific job application throughout the job search process. 

International Job Search Process Explained

Using a multi-channel approach, our job search team engages with the job market and the various participants in a targeted manner. The focus is on moving into the market with a strategic approach that will bring about high-quality opportunities. We involve our clients throughout the process by using cloud-based technology to manage weekly reporting and engagement processes. We advise on all job opportunities and provide our clients with guidance. Using our experience as recruiters we are able to forge this strategy around each client's unique job search plan. The engagement process is designed to get results without the pain of my clients doing the day to day work.

Helping you close the deal!

We are intrinsically involved in the entire process; from the initial job application, cover letter content, hiring manager communication and interview preparation, to job offer negotiations. We provide our clients with guidance and research on diverse aspects such as interview preparation, company and interviewer research, and salary negotiations to name only a few. We have several partners who assist with specialist services, such as financial and tax experts. Our partners also offer advice on VISA applications and a myriad of other legal services to support an international career move. 

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