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As global citizens, we find ourselves, now more than ever, in a position to consider international career prospects.

An international career move can be a daunting exercise with a myriad of complicated processes. Often the country of choice lacks obvious information regarding the complexities of the job market and its hiring stakeholders. This factor in combination with a poor job search strategy often results in an extended search for suitable positions ultimately leading to unnecessary anxiety and poor career moves.

Through careful research and proven expertise, we, at Job Search International, have gathered a wealth of knowledge in hiring trends, CV structuring, and various other nuances across selected international countries that will ultimately affect your career move. Our Global Job Search Program ensures the establishment of a well-planned strategy that engages the market rather than relies on a reactive approach. 

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We take the pain out of the job search process!

Managing a job search process is a time-consuming and highly technical exercise that requires constant management. We lay the foundations and establish the processes from where you can manage and continue to grow your job search footprint. We understand the international job market and how to find work within it. We have conducted careful and extensive research into the current job market and have built relationships with a selection of in-country partners, thereby ensuring that you get the benefit of our experience and network. We engage with all possible avenues to ensure that your CV reaches the right hiring stakeholders.

We understand how to sell your unique career brand.

Using our skills as head-hunters, we filter potential roles to match your exact career fit rather than take a “shotgun” approach to find work. We align your skills to certain specific job search platforms and head-hunters, making the entire process more streamlined.

Our process is all-encompassing.

It is of vital importance that you get maximum coverage when marketing your CV. We search all available channels including job portals, recruiters, head-hunters, LinkedIn, companies, print media,social media and networks. It is this proactive strategy combined with a contingency process that ensures positive results.

We help you to get the job. 

Our combined industry experience is crucial to you when moving through the application
and job offer process. We assist with managing the interview process through application management, coaching, aswell as offering negation. We want you to get the job! We help you to build a long-term job search strategy. Through our program, we will create a structured job search process that you can use on an ongoing basis, even after the end of this program.

Picture Rob Ridout


Rob has been in the recruitment game for over 27 years. In 2008, he wrote and successfully published his best-selling book, CVforLife. The methods and strategies outlined in Rob’s book have helped hundreds of talented individuals find great roles in forward-thinking companies.His headhunting career spans across a multitude of industry sectors and leading brands in South Africa and the UK. There is hardly a role that Rob has not worked on and his knowledge of the scarce skills landscape ensures that he meets his brief with precision. Rob combines an old school headhunting approach with a high-tech Artificial Intelligence approach to assist with the research process. Rob is not only a leader in his field but is also an active participant in innovating new and creative employability strategies through his employability workshops. In short, Rob has a passion for assisting his clients to build successful brands with strong talent.

Some of Rob’s achievements include:

  • 27 years of headhunting experience

  • Setup executive search businesses for Renwick International & The Laser Group

  • Author of the best-selling book "CVforLife"

  • Founder of the Professional CV writing  business CVforLife

  • Writer for various publications including  Finweek & CEO magazine

  • Career Coach at GIBS, Monash & Regenesys  Business Schools

  • Blogger
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube


NIKE Business Brand and JSI Client
ADYEN Business Brand and JSI Client
KPMG Business Brand and JSI Client
ASML Business Brand and JSI Client
Rabobank Business Brand and JSI Client
Worley Business Brand and JSI Client
SwissRE Business Brand and JSI Client
booking Business Brand and JSI Client
Cargill Business Brand and JSI Client
JSI client

Industrial Engineer (Netherlands)

Hi All,

I would like to thank you for your fantastic effort.I attended a second interview today and was offered a job. I will be taking the job 

Thank you for all your effort and would not of had this opportunity without your hard work

Much appreciated 


JSI client

Civil Engineer


This is the final contract I signed. 

For now all seems in order. Start date is 1 Dec - but I'm hoping I can start next year, Feb 2023.

I'll be in touch with questions if I have. Thanks for all the support and advice thus far. 



JSI client

Program Director (Netherlands)

Rob, Emile

I accepted the offer. We had a call on Friday and agreed on the part time hours offer.

I'm happy and delighted that my jobs search for now is over.

Thank you for ALL that you have done as a team to support me!

I hope to start on 1 May 😊



JSI client

Plant Engineer

Hello Rob

I want to thank you for the work and effort, and need to inform that I was successful in the Turnaround Senior Manager position. This position is really a great fit and also on the same role category than my current role, so it’s really a blessing. Really appreciate all the good work, and will refer other friends to you.

Regards Willie



Hi Rob.

We went through the offer today, and looks good, I'm happy. I asked them to update from a 12-month contract to something more
permanent -which they were happy to do. So once updated they will send. They included a very decent relocation fee as well as travel/mobile
allowances, holiday allowance and bonuses, so overall very good. Regards Willem

Business Analyst

Hi Rob.

I got the Job!!! thank you for all your help.

Kind regards Tshepo


Hi Rob,

I hope you are well. I wanted to thank you for your help in my job hunt and preparation for the Dutch job market.
I accepted a job offer in the Deals department as Manager. I start on 12th April. They also offer extensive training and Dutch language
courses etc, so decided that this would be a great place to launch my career! I hope you have a great week!

Kind Regards Mandy


Hi Rob, I hope this mail finds you well. I am very Blessed to mention that I have received not 1 but 2 job opportunities. It was hard to choose, but I have accepted an offertoday and if all goes well, I will be starting on the 1st of August. I would like to thank you. Your assistance definitely contributed to my success.
Wishing all the best for the future. Be Blessed. C van der Merwe A-CSM® | CSPO® | ICP-ATF | ICP-ACC



JSI contributes to various media outlets and provides information to our clients on an ongoing basis.

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